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If you are feeling a bit sluggish, need dietary advice, need to lose a little weight, give your poor liver some rejuvenation, improve your digestion, get rid of those allergies or have any other imbalance in your health, it might be time to turn over a new leaf…..


Second Nature Health specialises in:

  • Liver detoxification programs
  • Preconception and Pregnancy care
  • Weight loss
  • Digestive complaints
  • Skin conditions
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Menstruation / Menopause issues
  • Physical and mental fatigue
  • Thyroid issues
  • Poor immune function

Top 5 foods to eat after a workout!

Confused about how to replace energy stores after exercise? Get informed plus find out the top 5 post-workout snacks! It is tricky to name the “top 5 foods” and if anyone did, it would not be right for everyone. The food you should eat after a workout depends on the length and intensity of the training session. All forms of exercise burn a combination of glucose (carbohydrate), fatty acids (fat) and amino acids (protein). You never JUST burn carbohydrates or JUST burn fat. High intensity, short periods of workout (i.e. an 800m sprint or the kind of energy used in throwing a shot put) are anaerobic (don’t require oxygen) and prefer immediate fuel sources such as readily active carbohydrate (from the last meal eaten) and.....

Simple Laksa

I never thought I would be able to make laksa at home, but this one is so easy, tasty and authentic and uses only ingredients you are more than likely to have in your pantry.